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Silvena Toncheva

After a long time I interviewed a person for my blog. And she is Silvena Toncheva, one of my great friends from beautiful Bulgaria. She is truly a great photographer and a wonderful woman. You can find Silvena's more works here

So Silvena, Please Introduce Yourself To My Esteemed Readers

Well, in all my life I have tried various different activities, each of which I started with eager and passion. In my heart I am striving to perfection and this is sometimes quite hard. But somehow you can find that actually the real things are on the road - I mean you can enjoy them just because, sometimes may be even imperfection can be valuable in its own way - making you better, making you wanting

How Photography Is Close To Your Heart ?

Oh, that’s almost indescribable. I have always been interested in people, their emotions, inner universe. I try to represent an instant of their true character in my photos and also to give life to some exciting ideas. I started painting as a child, but never took lessons, so I paint somehow in naive style, I write sometimes – this helps me for my psychological balance, but the moment I discovered photography I knew it would be The Big Something.

I Have Observed You Always Love To Shoot People. Why ?

Hm, I sort of answered this question with the previous one.

Apart From Photography, What Do You Do ?

Well, I love to do various things, sometimes at the same time, if possible I paint – oil or water color, I write poetry – I have a self edited book “Black verses”, I am blogging some personal thoughts which are apparently read by friends or colleagues or just some amazing people I meet at The Net. I read all sorts of books, mostly modern prose, classics, psychology, some modern novels like Kundera, semiotics…. Cats. I love traveling, although I not always have the financial and time opportunity to fulfill this passion of mine. And of course I party with my friends – they mean so much to me.

Are You Obsessed With Fashion ?

Not really or not at all. But I find fashion interesting, especially top fashion, because mostly vogue is all about art – there are so many ideas from literature, paintings, imagination….I love it. And some models are stunningly beautiful. I dream to make fashion photography as well… maybe some day.

One Place That You Always Love To Visit Over And Over ?

Mostly I have such places in my mind. But actually maybe it is my grandma and grandpa village – it is really small, but it feels like out of the world. I always imagine I am in a fairytale when I am there. It is called Medovo, but in my language it sounds like “Bee-village”. It is so because people there do a lot bee-keeping.

What Is Your Dream ?

I don’t know really…. I often dream of various things related to my life or photography, some visions of my future…. But I want people around me to be happy and maybe the biggest dream I ever had was related with my cousin being well, she is amazing kid and deserves so much happiness… I often pray for her.

Beer Or Wine ?

Wine, I don’t drink beer.

Interested In Cinema And Music ?

Yep, every art is moving me. Even the one I totally don’t understand, but I can feel. Most of my friends are movie-holics and I enjoy their “sickness” with them. I recently found out that I love opera as well. Music also plays an important role in the formation of my character, I started with hard music – metal, hard core, gothic, grunge and similar and now I am listening to much more musical styles. I find very close to my heart the songs of Tanita Tikaram, Cranberries, Placebo, Vangelis. I like Korn and Rammstein too.

Who Inspired You In Your Life?

My mum for painting mermaids. My teachers in Literature – I think I got terribly lucky because each of them had an unique and influential personality that just naturally provoked my interest in books. And of course, my closest friends who have always been around me and helped me to believe more in myself.

Money Or Fame ? Which Comes First ?

Depends on what you aim at. After all, there is a good fame and bad fame.

Do Your Friends Really Help You When you need them?

Yes. They are my salvation. But one shouldn’t put all the burden on others. If one doesn’t want help and doesn’t want to be saved no one can help him.

Tell Me, Who Is Close To Your Heart ?

Soulmates, not just one person.

Are You Generous To Others ?

Depends on the others.

Let’s Finish This Interview With A Joke:
"What’s The Only Thing That You Cannot Find In A Woman’s Bag? What Order.

So, now, seriously ( although that this to some extent applies to myself
) Since my school days I always carry with me a diary and a pen, so if some interesting thought occurs to me, some feeling or something I see on my way, I can write it down. I usually take my “three things never to forget” – keys, wallet with documents and mobile (hmm, this one sometimes I forget, hahah). Sometimes I carry a notebook, a book I am reading at the moment, textbook. Among my stuff in the bag you can find also lipstick, one small glass ball that a merchant from the shop called “Cat and cat” gave me as a gift, photos of my boyfriend, my mum, dad and brother, the number 22 which was my place in the queue for international passport, a small icon of St. Mary which a begging girl sold me.

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