Friday, November 7, 2008



Silly Girl said...

funny how the same thing can be seen so differently by different people. I am seeing not the separation between the two halfs of the road, but the continuous line... the continuously jurney it takes along the road...

Indrani said...

Perfect symmetry in the shot.

Plamena Markova said...

I like the sense of speed...

Torsdag said...

It is good looking round the world as a blogger.
So I found this very puristic shot from India, not typical for what we are thingking about India, but things are changing and that is good.
Will be back again
Hallo ftrom Germany

humanobserver said...

To silly girl, you are true a same thing can be seen differently by different people because five fingers are not equal.

Kadri said...

I love it! =) Thinking outside of the box. 10 points and cookies for you!

Asja said...

very clever!

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