Monday, December 28, 2009

I Did Not... the color combination of this building, but what can I do ? My camera liked. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Am On Cloud Nine

I was interviewed by Devang Vibhakar for his popular site Read the interview and kindly let me know your reaction. This was my first interview of my life.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Face To Face

After Biswarup, I wanted to grill Priyanka Khot, my friend and colleague. She speaks a lot. A lot means a lot. God knows where she gets so much energy. Quite talented and interesting person. Here she goes...

So how can you describe yourself though I know it is quite difficult?

I am a thin woman trapped in a fat woman’s body. :-)
I like to believe that I am simple enough to approach but complex enough to maintain interest.

Shoes or earrings?

Earrings in shape of shoes. I have a few.

Tell us something about your love affair with coffee?

It is steamy… ;-)

If I am right you are quite passionate about novels. Why?

Novels take me away to places I have so far not been and help me form a bond with people I am sure I would love to have in my life in some way. They are an escape from the real life. For me novels are an addiction without the bad effects of vices.

Do you appreciate others’ works?

I have over the years developed a keen sense of art – be it photography, writing, painting, music or dance. I know when I see something nice and never ever stop short of praising anything that has an impact on me. I have appreciated a lot of your work Deepak. You can vouch for this trait of mine.

Do you compromise with your life?

No. I don’t believe in compromises. I just believe in living life to the fullest.

Who inspired you in your life?

I have a lot of inspirations. My teachers always told me, learn what to do and even what not to do from everyone you meet. I try to remember their words. So I try finding inspiration in everyone I meet. My mother has inspired me the most with the way she has lived her life and brought up my brother and me after my father’s death.

I know you are crazy about Shahrukh? Why so?

He gives me hope that if I work hard enough things will work out. For more on why Shahrukh Khan is my God, you can go to my blog. (Self promotion at any given opportunity is a bloggers’ best trait.)

How much do you love your boyfriend?

I don’t have a boyfriend as of now. The hunt is on. :-)

Money or fame. Which comes first ?

Work comes first. Money, fame and accolades follow.

Despite being a modern girl, you are not addicted to fashion. Explain please.

I love buying clothes, bags, shoes ad accessories for myself but I am not obsessed and don’t go overboard. I believe these things can help form the first impression. But that is it. Beyond that, your words, intentions, actions, behaviour and attitude are all that matter. And modernity has got nothing to do with fashion. Thoughts and mindset should be modern, attire can be traditional if one is comfortable in that.

Being a responsible citizen, do you contribute to our society in any form?

I try to do my bit. That said I believe any good you do with your right hand, your left should not come to know. So I would like to keep this part of life under wraps.

Do your friends really help you when you need them?

Yes. My friends are my life support. They help me when I need help and even when I think I don’t.

Do you like to date Barack Obama if given a chance?

No. I think he too old for me. Plus, it is against my principles to date Nobel laureates.

Nobody knows your dream. Reveal it here

My dreams are too scandalous to be revealed on a family blog like yours. Hahahahaha. On a serious note, I guess I tend to move to a new dream when one is realised.

Are you mischievous?

Yes. You know that. I always have a glint of mischief in my eyes.

I don’t know your passion and obsession. Share it with us.

My passion is writing. Obsession is a negative term, I try to stay away from negativity.

Do you lose your temper often?

Yes. I am short tempered and I will admit I absolve myself of the guilt very soon.

Your life revolves around?

Family, Friends, Films, Books and Music.

Any advice for me?

Keep clicking more and more beautiful photos and smile more often.

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