Sunday, December 6, 2009

White Lady


Onkar said...

Lovely pictures. This one and the one preceding it.

CafebyJW said...

Lovely, she looks so peaceful and harmony.

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Devika said...

After "white" ladies or what Deepak??....Indian ladies too are good, young man :)

anyway, nice photo,


Anonymous said...

Devika :)

Devika said...



lenival said...

I love it! She is so ethereal almost unreal to me... nice shot!:)

Anya said...

Who is she .....

White lady's are also pretty ;)

Kerrie said...

She is rather lovely. I like the light and shadow of the white.

R. Ramesh said...

perfect beauty..when r u introducing her to me???!!:)

Ariane said...

omg this one is my FAVE! she looks so unreal! this is awesome!

Babli said...

Very beautiful. The lady looks gorgeous and elegant. Wonderful shot.

José Ramón said...

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Rajesh said...

Beautiful snap.

R. Ramesh said...

thanks buddy:)

roentarre said...

This is beautifully captured. Simple yet effective!

Walter Neiger said...

beautiful statue ... very well seen and done.

Paweł Przeździak said...

Very good :)

kavita said...

Beautiful capture ...Calming !Have a good day Deepak.

Crisa said...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment!
That was Irish dance, not a rock show...although it may be seen a a rock show from the pictures, true, but no, it isn't!
More about Irish Dance here: - check out the English version.

have a great day! mine is just beginning!

Crisa said...

Yes, DEEPAK, this is Sighisoara, ROMANIA. A beautiful land. ;)
I'm glad you like it - too bad you cannot understand the language.
Do you speak Spanish?
I have changed the blog a little bit, do not run away if you don't recognize it ;)) LOL

Have a nice day!

Indrani said...

This is one great capture!

get zapped said...

Pure artistry.

Anonymous said...

I had to once paint a pair of niches with statuary in the center for a library commission. It was difficult

my word verification is "laughter"

should I expect a good day?

lazyclick said...

Very nice

Anya said...

I received today a email
also for a interview with me about my silly blog .... LOL :(
I don't now I can not so good write english and I am from The Netherlands (I think about it..)
The most people are from your country India !!
What do you think should I do it or not ????

Have a nice weekend
Anya :-)

PinkBow said...

what a serene image!

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