Friday, January 2, 2009

My New Year's Gift

“Love is like a mustard seed;planted by God and watered by men” - Muda Saint Michael


b.c. said...

thank you, they are beautiful, i love them all especially the last ones, they have a very nice softness...

thank you also for all your kind and encouraging visits to my blog, i appreciate your comments very much,

Happy new year!

Joy said...

A wonderful field of yellow flowers!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Happy 2009!

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Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Onkar said...

Beautiful. The second one I liked the most. And thanks for your new year greetings. Wish you also a very happy new year.

Plamena Markova said...

Happy New Year, Dipu!

Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

Kadri said...

I like the close ups, that's something that I often shoot as you know. But the one that really captures my imagination is IMG_2079 that shows a glimpse of what beyond.

JM said...

Is it mustard? I remember all those fields in yellow throughout Rajasthan! Just beautiful!

tantra flower said...

What a lovely site to see first thing this morning. Thank you Deepak. A very happy new year to you too my friend. Peace, Lisa

Asja said...

oh, beautiful! it's always pleasing to see lovely field photos.
thank you!

Dr. Pragya bajaj said...

lovely captures

Indrani said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Devika said...

WOW! Lovely capture, Deepak..

Normally, in this time I go South and have all those sights across UP/Haryana...

This year its your gift is enough :)

Wish you a Very Joyous and Prosperous New Year :)


Aviral said...

Nice quote to go with the pics

M. Umer Toor said...

Ah i love having a sight of such breath-catching fields, more than eating, writing. they literally mesmerize my whole mental existence, fill up the holes in my soul, bind them. Wow!!

thanks a lot for sharing the beauties of nature with us!

humble regards!

Ljubo said...

Very nice flowers! Thank You! Wish You all the best in the new year!

ჩორვენი¹³ said...

great fields!
lovely flowers!!
like your pics!!!

here is my gallery ,

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