Friday, December 19, 2008

Pizza & Pasta


Plamena Markova said...

Mmm... my favourite breakfast, and lunch, and dinner. So u made this?

humanobserver said...

Nope. All this I ate in a resturant...

Asja said...

mmmm, looks delicious!

"My macrocosm" said...




Ljubo said...

Looks really good! :)

JM said...

I'm not very fond of pizza but the pasta looks delicious!

Tash said...

H-O. You've managed to make me very hungry. I hope the food was as good tasting as the photos make it seem.

Devika said...

As always, your photos have an effect Deepak

Loved the colours, there


Joy said...

My favourite food!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Enjoy your weekend!

A Pinay In England
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I, Woman

R. Ramesh said...

arre yaar. ithar aadmi booka hai..(if translation needed- here i am starving) and u r flashing such delicious stuff...anyway..congrats..

Jama said...

These are my 2 sons' favorite , but guess who has to make them,since they like home cooked meals?

Anonymous said...

This looks delicious:) I'm gluten free though so will have to eat with my eyes (so to speak!)

Have a very merry christmas!

tantra flower said...

My favorite foods! My father is Italian so this is what I grew up eating.

ჩორვენი¹³ said...

so tasty

State of Decay!! said...

ohhh man...its mouth watering

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